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The theatrical arts have long been a part of Thai culture, dating back centuries to the early kingdoms of Lan Na and Ayutthaya. While many modern dramas are performed in the Thai language, the traditional arts, including puppetry and dancing, transcend language and are top attractions for visitors from around the world. In Bangkok, Broadway musicals often pass through town for a few weeks, providing Thais and visitors alike with some of the finest theatrical performances from the USA.

Highlight Attractions in Thailand
Kad Suan Kaeo Art & Cultural Centre

KAD Suan Kaew Performing Arts Center     KAD Suan Kaew Performing Arts Center is purposefully founded to be the center of arts & culture presentation, and performing arts knowledge dissemination. The c...

Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center

Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center    Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center, located on Chiang Mai-Hang Dong Road, is the center of Lanna arts and culture. It is Thai traditional teak houses, ...

The Alcazar Cabaret Show Pattaya

Alcazar Cabaret is a magnificent show of ladyboys. Throughout 39 years, Alcazar has created new shows to local and foreign visitors. With talented performers, hundreds of staffs, more than 1,200-seat-theatre, and high-te...

Tiffany Show

Tiffany Show Pattaya is the first Transvestite Cabaret Show in Thailand and in South East Asia. Throughout 40 years of business, Tiffany Show has creatively performed so spectacular and wonderful shows that it is called ...

Khon Masked Dance at Sala Chalermkrung Theatre

Experience the haute-beauty of Khon, the traditional Thai classical masked dance based on the Ramayana Epic, at one of the oldest yet most legendary theatre, Sala Chalermkrung. Khon was originally limited to the royal co...