Ban Nang Talung Suchart Subsin Si Thammarat 2017-Ban Nang Talung Suchat Supsin (บ้านหนังตะลุง สุชาติ ทรัพย์สิน) 0020BS.jpg Si Thammarat 2017-Ban Nang Talung Suchat Supsin (บ้านหนังตะลุง สุชาติ ทรัพย์สิน) 0010BS.jpg Si Thammarat 2017-Ban Nang Talung Suchat Supsin (บ้านหนังตะลุง สุชาติ ทรัพย์สิน) 0007BS.jpg Si Thammarat 2017-Ban Nang Talung Suchat Supsin (บ้านหนังตะลุง สุชาติ ทรัพย์สิน) 0013BS.jpg
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Nakhon Si Thammarat
Category : Museums

Ban Nang TalungSuchartSubsin Ban Nang Talung Suchart Subsin is located at 10/18, Si Thammasok 3 road. Uncle Suchart or what Thai people called him Lung Suchart. He is the shadow play (Talung) artist and high quality craftsman in Nakhon Si Thammarat province. He has initiated and passed on the culture of making and performing Talung shadow play until he was well-accepted over in the country and international world. He also maintains Thai identity by using Thai musical instruments in order to conserve Thai culture. He was selected as the local artist to received excellent award in industrial tourism (Thailand Tourism Awards) in 1996 in cultural and historical site category. Ban Nang Talung Suchart is the manufacturer and distributor of Nang Talungang Nang Yai handicrafts. There is also a demonstration play inside the house and some area is used as a museum quarter to present local equipment and a museum of international Talung.Uncle Suchart Subsin was born on 2 July 1938 at Ban SraKaew, 134, Moo 5 Sra Kaew subdistrict, Tha Sala district, Nakhom Si Thammarat province. He graduated from 4th grade of secondary class of Wat Sra Kaew school and studied how to carve Talung leather from Mr. Thong Nukhao who was the skillful artist in carving Talung leather of Nakhon Si Thmmarat. After studying and practicing, Uncle Suchart became skillful in painting and acarving Talung leather as well. He can design Nang Yai according to the ancient and applied styles and also performing Talung. Suchart Subsin also can write Thai poetry and screenplay for Talung play. At his home, there is demonstration of Talung performance for those who are interested. It is one of the important tourist attractions of Nakhon Si Thammarat. Many Thai and foreign tourists come to visit and watch Talung performance. Suchart’s products of carved Talung and Nang Yai have been imported since they are high quality products. Suchart Subsin’s house is a home of famous Talung carving artist of Nakhon Si Thammarat, the place of cow skin’ odor, sound from equipments every day. They are special features which bring this house into life. His Majesty the King thanked Suchart for presenting the art of Talung carving in Nang Talung performance in 1984.Interesting places and activities in Ban Nang TalungSuchart1.Nang Talung museumIt is a 2-storey building whch displays Nang Talung characters inside. They are angels, demons, lords, male actors TuaPhra, ghost Tua Nang Phi and the female joker Tua Nang Eied. Moreover, there are many Nang Talung characters from Thailand and other countries in each period of time such as the leather character in World War II, the leather character from central region, the Muslim leather character (Wa Young Du Lae), Pramohthai leather character (Northeastern Talung), international Talung such as India, Indonesia, Turkey and 50-100 years old Talung joker characters such as Nu Nui Teng, Kaew, Lamoh, Sai Nui, LhungKwangMuaeng. There are also musical instruments used in Talung play.2.Souvenir shopInside Ban Nang Talung, there is a shop selling mane design of Talung characters. Tourists can buy them as  souvenirs.3.Talung making demonstrationApart from Suchart Subsin, the family members also help produce Talung characters in carving and painting in different styles. Tourists who like Talung art will have a chance to see the production and buy Talung as a souvenir.4.Talung play performanceThere is Rong Cherd which means the place used to perform Talung play and can support 30 people. Although,  SuchartSubsin is already retired, but he can still perform Talung play. His son will play the musical instrument according to the story such as politic and drug. Each story has different jokes. The story is depended on the group, whether they are children adults or there are other interesting topics recently.  To visit Ban Nang Talungsuchart, from Wat Mahathat, turn right into Soi Sra Rien. Turn left when you reach Y-intersection into Sri Thammasok road. Follow the road and you will see Soi Si Thammasok 3 on your right-handed side. Not far away from the entrance, Ban Nang Talung Suchart is on your left-handed side.    

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