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We offer only the finest motorcycle touring holidays that all other guided adventure motorcycle holidays strive to emulate.

With some of the most challenging, invigorating and motorbike friendly roads in South East Asia, we really can offer you a once in a lifetime experience.

Quite simply, you get total peace of mind while you're travelling in a country far from home.
Thai Motorcycle Tours' team offers you the perfect combination of extensive local knowledge with unparalleled service and personal attention.

And unlike other tours, we offer you a complete immersion into the sights, smells and sounds of the Thai culture. What's more, you get this hands-on experience at an unfrenzied pace that allows you to fully soak in the warmth, the wonders, and the personality of this spectacular country and its people.

You'll see Thailand as well as the enjoy the ride! We stop and sample the local markets, sip the freshly squeezed juices, taste the exotic spices, unwind and exhale a relaxed sigh with a soak in the hot mineral springs. Thailand is full of wonders - and, as you've probably flown many hours to get here - we make sure you don't miss a thing.

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