Kanabodee Ceramic Museum
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Operating day : Tuesday - Sunday

Operating time : 09.00 - 17.00

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The purpose of the museum is to preserve the honor of Apa- Ei (Sim Yu).Founder of the first ceramic factory of Lampang. Which has collected many antique stuffs such as Chicken Bowls.This place is the only one that still preserves the history. Proud to be with Lampang. City of Ceramics Thailand within the museum depicts the history of affiliated companies and origin of Lampang City and Demonstration The production of ancient chicken bowls, as well as the modern ceramic production process closely. To conserve Art and culture and promote the learning of the ceramic and arts to those interested in the ceramic museum. Still is The unique origin and origin of the chicken bowl of Lampang. The ancient ruins inside the museum, such as the ancient dragon oven. Small Chicken Bowl which produce with traditional patterns. Exhibitions about the origin of Chicken Bowl, the art and culture of life. Beautiful community And it shows the diversity that is inherited. In addition, the Museum of Ceramics is a collection of information that is suitable for learning at all levels. The history of arts and culture as well.

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