Wat Prachakhom Wanaram or Wat Pakung
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Roi Et
Category : Temple

Wat Prachakhom Wanaram or Wat PakungWat Prachakhom Wanaram or Wat Pakung is located in Sri Somdet Sub-District, Sri Somdet District, Roi Et Province. Its official name is Wat Prachakhom Wanaram. It was built by Luang Poo Sri Mahaweero.There is Thailand’s first natural sand pagoda. It was built as the monument of the 90th anniversary of the 60th year of Phra Thep Sutthi Mongkol. “Luang Poo Sri Mahaweero” is a famous teacher priest in meditation branch in northeastern region. The pagoda imitated from Borobudur in Java Island, Indonesia since Luang Poo visited there for Buddhist purpose in 1988 and was impressed by the mightiness of this pagoda. He told the story of Borobudur to his disciples when he came back to Thailand. The construction was started in 1992 and completed on 28 October 2004. The ceremony of 101 golden pagoda top lifting was held. This pagoda was built from the faith and money of disciples to be the monument of harmony. The celebration was held on 3 May 2006 with the budget of 40 million baht.The Buddha’s relics has been located at the center of the pagoda. The walls was painted about the biography of Buddha, Vessantara, biography of Luang Poo Sri, and portraits of teacher priests. Since Phra Thep Wisutthi Mongkol  (Luang Poo Sri Mahaweero) had lived here. The ceremony of Luang Poo Sri Commemoration is held every year on 1-3 May. There are praying, giving food offerings to monks, and free food. Many Buddhism go there.Visitors can visit this temple every day including public holidays without admission fee. 

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