Susan Hoi

Susan Hoi (Fossil shell beach)

Thinking about a cemetery (equivalent to the word ‘susan’ in Thai), one would not think about it in a positive way or find it a tourist attraction. Of course, this graveyard is not a terrifying tourist attraction, but is indeed Thailand’s one and only natural site for fossils located in Krabi. Here you will find wonderful thick piles of prehistoric fossil shells. They are 30-40 million years old. The only one in the country, and one of three in USA, Japan and Thailand that has been explored and is recognized across the world. More importantly, this fossil shell site is the only one in the entire world, which is located in a coastal area.

Susan Hoi in Krabi is a natural wonder. It is caused by layer upon layer of fossils the shells of millions of snails. There are tourists visiting this place the whole day for two main reasons. Firstly, it is close to Nang bay, Krabi’s popular destination. Secondly, there is an easy access from downtown, so once you have seen Susan Hoi, you can also simply arrange a visit to the beach and other small islands around Krabi.

In Susan Hoi, there is a tourist information center to educate visitors about the history of the fossil shell site. After that, take a path provided to a scenic point of Susan Hoi. If you do not pay special attention, it is likely that you will not see an individual shell, rather like a stone or concrete plate. Due to such a long duration of sedimentation, close observation can allow you to see small shells that are fantastic to view.

Ban Lam Pho was a vast freshwater swamp where many shells, particularly two-centimeter freshwater snails, lived. During the changes of the earth’s crust, these shells started to conglomerate and became a 40-centimeter thick stone plate or fossil called Shelly Limestone. The next layer is ten centimeters of lignite and the last layer is shale. The spot where most shells can be seen is in front of the tourist information center.As Susan Hoi is situated within the tourist information center of Nopparattana Tara beach – Phi Phi islands national park, it is easy to find information. Inside, there is an exhibition about the evolution of fossil shells, as well as information concerning seas and sea resource conservation.

How to get there

Susan Hoi is in Krabi town, Ban Lam Pho sub district, Sai Tai district. It is easy to get there. Catch the Hua Thong boat from downtown to Rai Lay bay from where Susan Hoi can be found. Alternatively, from the municipal market, drive along Krabi Road and turn left to highway number 4034 all the way to Ban Sai Tai. Then turn left again to highway number 4204 for nineteen kilometers. From Nang bay, go straight on highway number 4203 for another ten kilometers.