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11.00 - 00.00

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Monday - Sunday

Although not huge, the menu offers a decent range. In addition to meats and vegetables for grilling or the hot pot, there are also one-dish rice and noodle meals. With the small selections of appetisers and condiments that come with a Korean dinner, one almost need not order an appetiser. But to do so, try ku jol pan (finely sliced meat and vegetables to wrap in a pancake) or insam (ginseng) tempura. The grilling can be done by yourself or one of the serving staff and beef tenderloin is good for those who like their meat marbled with fat. Pork ribs is also good. Bibimbob is a typical Korean dish of rice topped with mixed shredded beef and vegetables that can accompany the grilled items. Not much in the way of desserts but cut fruit is provided at the end of the meal. Youreaguan offers as well the Emperor set with 20 dishes at the promotional rate of 1,500 baht per person (minimum three people) served in the VIP rooms in a separate wing.

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